CH VSKBengals Get Ready to Rock N Roll (aka Rocky)

DOB: 08/16/13

VSKBengals Rockin Robin x CH Medoz Polar Ice of Purrfectdreams 


Rocky is the result of a joint breeding between my good friends Vicki and Steve Clevenger of VSKBengals (they own Rocky’s mom) and myself to produce a line of silver kittens. Rocky can still be carried around upside down in my arms like cradling a baby. He is a very sweet and friendly boy. He has a nice thick coat and very rich coloring. Stunning green eyes. His ears could be set a bit wider. He has a nice short thick tail which usually passes to his kittens. He has a little brown tarnish in his face. An unfortunate accident ended his show career early. He required surgery to correct a broken leg as the result of landing incorrectly after a jump.

HCM tested normal in October 2017


PK Def (PK Deficiency): N/K. Via UC Davis testing. Rocky has 1 copy of PK deficiency. He is normal but is a carrier.


Bengal PRA test: N/N. Via UC Davis testing. Normal - no copies of the PRA-B mutation


Cat Long Hair Report: N/M4. VIA UC Davis testing. Rocky has short hair but carries one copy of a long hair mutation. He can produce short and long-haired kittens depending on the genotype of the mate.


Rocky’s color testing results via UC Davis testing: Afc/a, B/b, C/cs, D/D. He can produce charcoal with the right mate. He carries chocolate and he carries the Lynx Point gene.


Rocky carries the marble gene.


DOB: 6/27/16

TAILWIND'S Moonbeam X TAILWIND'S Braveheart


Bravado is visiting from our good friend Sami at A-Kerr’s Bengals. He has a lot to offer to my program. He has a beautifully outlined rosetted pattern. He is very richly colored. He has great length to his skull and muzzle, and copper eyes! He also has a very thick and rosetted tail. He loves cuddle and rub on his humans.  He has a beautiful glittered coat. All my queens carry at least one copy of the A2 Asian Leopard Cat agouti gene. One of my queens has two copies of the A2 gene. We are hoping that Bravado passes his A2 gene to our kittens in the hope to produce more A2/A2 cats for our A2 research.

HCM test is normal as of July 2017


Bravado’s color test results: A2/A, B/B, C/C, D/D. A2 is another recently discovered Asian Leopard Cat agouti gene.


Bravado is PK-Def N/N via UC Davis


Bravado is PRA-B N/N via UC DAVIS


Bravado carries the marble gene

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